The inaugural l quilt
The Inaugural L Quilt is a durable and timeless article. It was created to explore the concept of an Everything Object. These are made to blend in with your daily life and withstand that turmoil that comes with growing. Canvas, felt, wool batting, thread. Fall 2017. 
L Quilt (in the wild)
L Quilt (in the lab)
L Quilt (corner)
The OrigiNal Stackable, Portable, Patterned Picnic Set 
An exercise in cross discipline (fiber and ceramics). The set is compact, and the case leaves room for food, napkins, or other miscellaneous supplies, should the need arise. Quilted canvas, stoneware, cobalt stain, cone 06 glaze. Spring 2017. 
Outer shell, approx 8" round, 7" tall
Inside the case, top view of stacked plate
3 plates (4th is stacked), and 4 accompanying cups
6 Strand/2 Value Knit Rug
3 strands of white acrylic yarn, 3 strands of black acrylic yarn, US 30 Knitting needles. Exploration of pattern and illusion. May be seen with other objects. 3' x 4'. Fall 2016. 
Rug over
Rug under
Blobular Forms ("Blobular" coined by Izzy Ainsworth)
Ceramic forms/vessels/shapes. Explorations in making. Winter 2017. 
Blobular Forms no. 1 
Blobular Forms no. 2 (with rug)
The Eggpron™
The only apron designed specifically for your egg cooking needs. Featuring pockets for cooking trays, accessories, and eggs, your efficiency is guaranteed to increase. Dye-matched cotton, canvas. Winter 2017. 
Eggpron™ no. 1
Eggpron™ no. 2
Eggpron™ no. 3
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