The Milkman
Interpret him as you will. Digitally printed repeat pattern on cotton sateen, vinyl, recycled hardware, buttons, milk. Winter 2017. 
The Milkman (in his natural habitat) 
The Milkman (up close and personal) 
The Milkman (in action)
The backpack shirt
Engineered for your benefit. Hand-dyed canvas, brass snaps. Fall 2017. 
The Backpack Shirt no. 1 
The Backpack Shirt no. 2
The Backpack Shirt no. 3 
Lightning VISIBLE 
I come from Pittsburgh, the undeniable Steel City. Many members of my family worked day in and day out in the city's numerous steel mills, putting in honest and genuine work. These coveralls were created in response to this, outfitted with cargo breast pockets as well as double patch pockets on the hips. They're ready to work if you are. 10 feet of hand printed bleached canvas. Weather symbols. No thunder heard. Spring 2017.
Lightning Visible no. 1
Lightning Visible no. 2 
Lightning Visible (double patch pockets) no. 3
Compact Connections (in collaboration with Andrea Barnes)
Compact Connections was an experiment in programming, electricity, and communication. Each artist designed and produced their respective accessory and the inflatable contained within. Through the use of an Adafruit Flora, compact fans were programmed to respond to human touch; a pressure sensitive button controlled the airflow. The harder your pressed, the faster the fan blew, and the quicker your beacon inflated. Fall 2016.
Compact Connections no. 1 
Compact Connections no. 2
Compact Connections no. 3 
A study in sportswear, climate gear, and weatherproof garments. Constructed from waterproof and ripstop nylon, wool batting, and mesh. Fall 2016.
Adventurewear™ no. 1 
Adventurewear™ no. 2 
Adventurewear™ no. 3
Thermos ‣ WINDbreaker
My mother purchased a thermos, complete with 4 cups, at a rummage sale near our home. It went unused until I discovered it in her basement, some months later. I could tell it had been well loved over the course of it's life, and wanted to create something that could live & exist along side it. The windbreaker was born, featuring various pockets, a zip up placket, and a drawstring hood, it's equipped to embark on whatever adventure the thermos does. Nylon. Summer 2016. 
Thermos ‣ Windbreaker no. 1 
Thermos ‣ Windbreaker no. 2
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